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14th annual meeting - 2023 - Aberdeen - Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th November

We were delighted to host the 14th Scottish Spine Surgeons' Meeting in Aberdeen on 3-4th November 2023.  The year marks the 75th anniversary of the Neurosurgery Department in Aberdeen and therefore of our first 'spine surgeon, Mr Martin Nichols (1910-1979).  We thought it appropriate to have the theme of 'Learning from Experience'.

The event was held in Union Kirk in the heart of the city.  We were impressed by the number of delegates from right across Scotland and beyond and their diverse backgrounds with significant contingents from physiotherapy and doctors in training.  Mr Santosh Baliga and Mr Peter Bodkin were organising hosts.

Our speakers covered a wide range of topics. The patient perspective by Dr Daniel Gordon (left with Pete Bodkin), trainee doctor, gave an insightful account of his personal journey with a spinal cord injury.

Dr Ingrid Hoeritzauer, consultant neurologist from Edinburgh, gave a talk on Functional Neurological Disorder in Spinal Practice. Mr Ankur Saxena, consultant neurosurgeon from Salford, was our key note speaker, talking about his experience of the up-and-coming endoscopic techniques. Both Mr David Currie and Prof Douglas Wardlaw, retired neurosurgeon and orthopaedic spine surgeon respectively, gave their thoughts on what they have learnt in their careers. More local practice best practice was presented by Gillian Grant and Ann Quirk, Aberdeen physiotherapists, who talked about the MSK hub in Aberdeen.

Interspersed through the meeting there were case studies where surgeons from the five units discussed learning from mistakes.  There were brief updates from the units and we had a very entertaining quiz on day one to warm us up before a very congenial meal at the venue.

Day two included a packed programme of very impressive papers.  The academic standards continue to improve year on year.

First Prize in Free Papers

Won by Devika Dahiya and presented by Mr Pragnesh Bhatt.

"Cauda equina syndrome referrals, diagnosis and

management – a 6-month retrospective study at an NHS spine service – a comparison across a

decade evaluating the effectiveness of our referral pathway as compared to national guideline"

Second prize in Free Papers

Won by Ramaa Parulekar, presented by Mr Pragnesh Bhatt

Retrospective analysis of patients with scan- negative cauda equina equina syndrome and their ultimate diagnoses.

Third prize in Free Papers

Won by Mostafa Beshr, presented by Mr Pragnesh Bhatt.

Outcomes of two techniques for lumbar decompression.

As always, it was a pleasure to meet up with colleagues, chew the fat about the state of play of spine surgery in Scotland, to bemoan our difficulties but also to celebrate our successes.  Although there are clearly challenges, we can be proud that this meeting has evolved into a professional, informative gathering but sufficiently convivial that we can have honest reflections on our individual experiences across the Scottish spinal community.

We very much look forward to our next meeting in Inverness!!

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