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Scottish Spine Surgeons'We've Got Your Back' TM

8th annual meeting - 2015 - Edinburgh - Friday 13th and Saturday 14th November

Well done to all for an educational and friendly Scottish Spine Surgeons meeting 2015. The new Prince Philip events space at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh was a good location and space.


The meeting provided a full practice focussed and educational package in spine for both consultants and specialist trainees in neurosurgery and orthopaedic surgery. We felt the benefit of allied health care practitioners attending. We worked hard for the 9 CPD points for attendance at the whole meeting. A few evaluation forms are still outstanding so please complete.


Congratulations to all the paper presenters who represented their teams with distinction.  The judges were Jothy (Mr Kandasamy), Peter (Mr Bodkin) and Tony (Mr Reece) who scored on a combination of academic and message communication merit. Well done to Nick (Mr Clement) achieving the first prize award for paper 4. "Decompression  with  or  without  fusion  for  lumbar  foraminal  stenosis  and single  level  disc  disease: a randomised  controlled  trial  with  12 to 18 years  follow  up". A special congratulations to the only medical student presenting Greg (Mr McKean) for the second prize award for paper 3. "Quality  of  life  assessment  using  the  Scoliosis  Research  Society  (SRS)-22 questionnaire  in  children  and  adolescents  undergoing  surgical  treatment  for  spinal deformity". Thanks to our sponsors for the first prize of an AO / J&J course and the second prize of an AO book.


A new page on how to register to gain access to the information on the Discovery system is now available. Thanks again to Alex (Dr Stirling) and Ross at Information Service Division for their presentation and demonstration.


Both accommodation and registration fees were kindly supported by our sponsors. We thanks them on behalf of our patients. 


Until next year, Best wishes,

Chris (Mr Adams), organiser Scottish Spine Surgeons meeting 2015 - Edinburgh

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There are exciting new developments in spine surgery provision throughout Scotland. Lets tell each other about our spine practice.

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