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Scottish Spine Surgeons consists of a team of patient focussed clinicians. Allow us to introduce them to you on this page.

Newsletter list, updated 08/06/2017

This is the current e-mail circulation list in surname order. Please use the contacts page if you wish to be added. Bold means e-mail required. More than one entry means two e-mails on file.


First name Surname
Chris Adams
Christopher Adams
Kevin Agyemang
Sharif Al-Qadhi
Likhith Alakandy
David Allan
Alex Augustithis
Alex Augustithis
Khaled Badran
Khaled Badran
Santosh Baliga
Eric Ballantyne
Chris Barrett
Nick Beattie
David Bennett
Pragnesh Bhatt
Pragnesh Bhatt
Peter Bodkin
Jennifer Brown
Nick Brownson
Nick Brownson
Kate Bugler
Emer Campbell
Michael Canty
Tom Carter
Nick Clement
Gerard Cousins
Niall Craig
Eleanor Davidson
Fraser Dean
Andreas Demetriades
Muhammad Dherijha
Michael Fitzpatrick
Paul Fivey
Joseph Fournier
Ioannis Fouyas
Matt Fraser
Andrew Frost
James Galea
Pasquale Gallo
Enrique Garrido
Alastair Gibson
Alastair Gibson
Stuart Goudie
Thanos Grivas
Lindsay Henderson
Mohammed Hossain-Ibrahim
Mazhar Iqbal
Aimun Jamjoon
Mahananda Jigajinni
Robin Johnston
Chandrasekaran Kaliaperumal
Mahmoud Kamel
Saravanakumar Kanakarajan
Jothy Kandasamy
Andrew Kent
Sonnie Khan
Maya Kommer
Christos Koutsarnakis
Simon Lammy
David Large
Andraay Leung
Imran Liaquat
Ignatius Liew
Chris Lim
Patricia Littlechild
Julian Maempel
George Mataliotakis
Calan Mathieson
Alistair Mayne
Paul McGeoch
Greg McKean
Alan Mclean
Tristan McMillan
Susan Morison
David Mowle
Odhrán Murray
Lynn Myles
Asha Neelakantan
Roddy O'Kane
Mariel Purcell
Ali Rajabian
Tony Reece
Mike Reidy
Simon Roberts
Raju Sangra
Hilary Sharp
Drahoslav Sokol
Hamzah Soleiman
Hamzah Soleiman
Jerome St George
Patrick Statham
Oliver Stone
Nigel Suttner
William Taylor
Thanos Tsirikos
Thanos Tsirikos
Neil Valentine
Ben Waterson
Eugene Wheelwright
Mark White

Trainees registered for 2017


First Name Surname

Local Hosts 2023

Pete Bodkin

Santosh Baliga


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